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Siesta Afloat
You may find time to spend time together in one of these cottages. These are a unique physical feature in the coastal town itself since these cottages can only be found in this resort! 
Both the local and tourists love spending their activities in there. Having siesta in one of these is particularly the favourite for the tourists. With fresh winds breezing through the cottages and gentle waves are heard below you would be able to sleep in no time.

A golden sunset

Cottages on calm waters

Shoreline Walk
You may leisurely walk along the shoreline and view some wonderful sceneries whether in the morning or in the late afternoon. 

Typical serene morning

An afternoon scene along the shoreline

Swim Underwater
You may also swim underwater.

A sanctuary for small fishes which grows around the cottage tilts

Underwater plants at least one metre high

Exotic fishes that swim in line

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  1. We stayed at DJ Beach Resort last month, on our way to Apo Reef. Wonderful place. The resort owners gave us the address of your blog. Here's the link to some pics I took of Apo Reef and the Parola.




Nice and clear ang water.its good to relax and to enjoy the wonderful day together with your family and friends to hang on..
- Richel Lisondra
Nice place,Great foods,people and town !
- Jaynor Garcia
Breathe the seawind! Let human cares go free!
Spread arms for the Breeze of Serenity!
As it passes through every island tree.

from Seawind, 2nd Triplet A Poem by simelguwapo
Great place a gift from God
-Dounald Castro
verry nice place..
-Alma Maurin
nice pLace
-Marmie Jurada Bangquillo
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