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There are so many places you may visit around town or across waters. The image below is a photo of Apo Reef's white beach that openly invites your senses to go there. 

To look for more places to visit simply scroll down the page.

The Town Bridge
The 'San Francisco Bridge' of Sablayan

The term 'San Francisco' bridge is a common misnomer given by the Filipinos to the 'Golden Gate' Bridge of San Francisco California. Nevertheless, the town bridge somehow resembles the famous bridge. However only people, bicycle, and motorbikes may pass through its narrow way.

Bagong Sabang River
Where the Earth and Sky Meet

The small town of Sablayan is built along and around this river whose banks are lined with fishing boats (locally termed ‘bancas') and clustered houses, including a very neat wet market, which is named Sablayan Mall.

Poblacion Mangrove
A 105th Philippine Protected Area (PA)

The Mangrove areas along the banks of Sablayan Point up to the mouth of Bagong Sabang River is listed as 105th in the 2002 List of Protected Areas in the Philippines through the effort of PAWB-ARCBC, based under the Wildlife Act of 2001, the areas included in this list are considered critical habitats.

Presing Park
An Historic Watchtower Against Pirates
Presing Park is a 5-hectare park overlooking the sea, here stands the historic watchtower (Parola) that was used by the early natives to prey on Muslim Vintas. 

Karung-Kaban Cave
The Famous Cave of Barangay Santo NiƱo

Going through the Karung-Kaban Cave is a cool experience. Because it is literally cool inside. It won't take long for you to go to the cave's back entrance from its front entrance (approximately 30 minutes). 

Siburan Rain Forest
An Important Bird Area (IBA) in the Philippines

Siburan is the largest tract of lowland forest known on Mindoro. This forest is contiguous with the patchy forests on the limestone ridge running north from Malpalon. 

Libuao Lake
Where White Lotus Flourish

A 24-hectare inland lake, Libuao is known for its cool, clear water and for the abundant white lotus (water lily) on its surface, called Libua, after which is was named.

Pandan Island Resort
The Pristine Island Resort of Sablayan

Pandan Island is a private island with a small resort twenty minutes boat ride away from the town, facing the West Philippine Sea. Having been uninhabited for many years, this paradise was "discovered" by a French adventurer, who established Pandan Island Resort in 1986.

Apo Reef Natural Park
The Second Largest Coral Reef in the World

If there is one dive site which is frequently visited by divers who go to Occidental Mindoro, it is none other than Apo Reef Natural Park. Acclaimed as: [1.] Asia’s Best; [2.] The Second Largest Coral Reef in the World; and [3.] The Diving Mecca of the Philippines.

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Nice and clear ang water.its good to relax and to enjoy the wonderful day together with your family and friends to hang on..
- Richel Lisondra
Nice place,Great foods,people and town !
- Jaynor Garcia
Breathe the seawind! Let human cares go free!
Spread arms for the Breeze of Serenity!
As it passes through every island tree.

from Seawind, 2nd Triplet A Poem by simelguwapo
Great place a gift from God
-Dounald Castro
verry nice place..
-Alma Maurin
nice pLace
-Marmie Jurada Bangquillo
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