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About the rooms

The resort has 12 rooms. Only one room is air-conditioned and the rest have electric fans. The bathrooms are simply made of polished cement, not tiles. The toilet bowls are not fanciful. There's no shower system except the one with air-conditioning. 
We have provided these details early at this point so those who would want to consider staying here would already have a better picture of what to expect. If you prefer fancy rooms this place will not fit your delicate taste. 


To see our room rates please visit the following page: http://djbeachresort.blogspot.com/p/room-rates.html

Food orders & services

If you prefer to simply stay at the resort but worry about what to eat the resort has its menu. Amie is a good cook who serves excellent food. You may just pick something from the list of orders available below: Menu to follow.

Parking space

The resort compound is significantly spacious compared to other resorts located along the highway. It is one of the spacious few. The parking area can fit six cars. You might even see an inter-provincial delivery truck parked inside.

Laundry area

We also have an area where you may wash your clothes. The water supply is excellent. The gentle breeze helps dry the clothes faster.

Some of the guests washing clothes.

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Nice and clear ang water.its good to relax and to enjoy the wonderful day together with your family and friends to hang on..
- Richel Lisondra
Nice place,Great foods,people and town !
- Jaynor Garcia
Breathe the seawind! Let human cares go free!
Spread arms for the Breeze of Serenity!
As it passes through every island tree.

from Seawind, 2nd Triplet A Poem by simelguwapo
Great place a gift from God
-Dounald Castro
verry nice place..
-Alma Maurin
nice pLace
-Marmie Jurada Bangquillo
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